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If you are in immediate danger and have a Squirrel in your home or office now please call our 24/7 emergency Squirrel removal phone number



Squirrel Removal

In the New York region there are 3 types of tree squirrels (gray, red, and fox) and also flying squirrels. They are considered part of the rodent family. Squirrels are seen year round and are mostly active during the day. They collect food and store them in what is called a cache for later retrieval. Some seeds stored in the winter and forgotten help to restore new plant growth. Squirrels can be considered a nuisance and can take up residence in our homes. Inspecting attics and eaves is essential in determining their entry point. If you are Hearing Scratching and Scurrying in the walls or ceilings during the day you may have Gray Squirrels living in your home! If you hear a lot of scurrying and running around at night, It could be flying squirrels!


Why We Love 'Em:

  • Squirrels are excellent at collecting their food. The seeds stored in the winter helps restore new plant growth.

  • The Gray Squirrel Comes In Many Variations. They Can Be Black, White and Have Brownish Colorings Too

  • They are one of few mammals which can descend a tree head-first


Issues We Have With Them:

  • Squirrels can be considered nuisance when the take up residence in your home or raid your garden

  • They can create a great deal of damage to your insulation with accumulated feces and urine

  • Squirrels are known to chew and gnaw on wires, sometimes creating fire hazards besides disconnected services (cable/internet/alarm systems)

  • They can chew holes into the side of your house. Typically getting on the roof by coming across power lines and overgrown trees



  • Attic Inspection

  • Exclusion Services

  • Preventative Home Sealing

  • Squirrel Clean Up and Insulation Replacement

  • 24/7 Emergency Squirrel Removal Service

  • Squirrel Removal And Relocation Service

  • Flying Squirrel exclusion, trapping and removal

  • Squirrel Repellent

The Owner Josh with a baby Grey Squirrel
damage created by Gray Squirrel
Squirrel Relocation
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