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RAT removal


Rats are part of the rodent family. They are much larger than a mouse but can still fit into tiny spaces. Rats eat all types of food from nuts to berries, garbage to pet food. They can often be found in barns or around areas where other animals live and eat. They have been know to be the carriers of a list of zoonotic diseases. Typically a rat can range from grey to brown or even black in color most having a pinkish hairless tail. having lots of rats around your home can also attract other creatures which feed on them such as the skunk or even raccoon.



Why we like ‘Em:

  • Rats are smart and have the capability of learning

  • they can often be hard to catch especially if one rat sees the other caught in the trap

  • they can help you find your way off a sinking ship

  • they consume and help break down our waste


Issues we have with them:

  • zoonotic disease carriers

  • infestations can result in extreme damages

  • chewed wires and openings

  • chewing and damaging wood

  • chewing on livestock

  • tunneling under the foundation

  • damaging insulation

  • build up of urine and feces in the wall



  • Rat trapping and removal service

  • Humane trapping removal

  • Rat proofing

  • Barn, Basement, Crawlspace or Garage clean out

Rats, Rodent
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