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Several kinds of snakes can be found in the New York and surrounding areas. Most common are the Garder snake, water snake, Black Rat snake and Milk snake. All of which are non-poisonous. Typically if the snakes head is round in shape it means it it non-poisonous. Other less common snakes that are found in the New York Area are the copperhead, and Pigmy rattler. They have a more triangular shaped head and can be dangerous but are very rare to find locally. The Black Rat snake though typically non aggressive to humans constricts its small prey consisting of rats and birds. This is the only large snake common to New York and can grow up to 10 feet in length. If you have a lot of snakes around your house, you most likely have a lot of bugs and small rodents that should be removed as well. 



Why we Love Them:

  • Snakes naturally feed on small insects and rodents.

  • They can be good to have around to naturally control bug and small rodent populations in your yard.



Issues We Have With Them:

  • They Can Constrict and be venemous

  • Pet snake gets loose and is aggressive

  • May be unattractive to guests if you have a large population lerking in your yard

  • They just totally creep you out



  • Snake proofing

  • Remove wood piles, junk, clutter and rubbish

  • Clear overgrown weeds

  • Remove food supply (see mouse trapping) or (bugs) and close entry points of house

  • Emergency Snake Removal Services


Snake Guard
North Eastern Ring Neck Snake
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