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Skunk Removal

Skunks are classified into their own category, called "Mephitidae." Their smell is uncanny and potent. Spraying is considered a defense mechanism. Proximity to these creatures can cause concern as they are know to carry rabies. Skunks are primarily active at night and tend to roam freely in yards and open spaces. It is important to keep your yard and deck properly screened off and fenced so the do not enter unwanted territory where they may become a nuisance.


Why We Love 'Em:

  • Skunks are actually very sweet and mild creatures.

  • They have a hearty appetite for a nearly 70 percent of insects that can be known as harmful to humans.

  • They often eat small rodents which can serve as a natural wildlife remedy


Issues We Have With Them:

  • Skunks can be considered a nuisance (especially if you have outdoor pets) and can take up residence in your yards, homes and under the deck.

  • Skunks will often dig up and destroy the lawn in search for grubs and other insects

  • When they fall into a window well, they can’t get out

  • If they spray close to your home or on your dog or cat it can create a very stinky situation!



  • Inspection

  • Exclusion Services

  • Preventative Home Sealing

  • Skunk Clean Up and Insulation Replacement

  • Skunk Removal from a Window Well

  • Skunk Removal from Garage

  • Deodorizing Service

  • 24/7 Emergency Skunk Removal Service



Two Baby Skunks
Large Adult Skunk In Yard
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