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Honey beeS & Removal

Why We Love ‘Em:

  • Honeybees account for nearly 80% of all insect pollination.

  • Without honeybees there would be a significant decrease in the yield of fruits and vegetables.

  • Agriculture depends greatly on the honeybee population.

  • Honeybees can only sting once and are less likely to sting unless threatened


Issues We Have With Them:

  • Honeybees can make nests in very undesirable locations around or in your home.



  • Inspection

  • Bee Nest Removal from Walls, Ceilings, and Vents

  • Bee Nest Removal from Trees

  • Preventative Home Sealing

  • Bee Swarm Removal and Relocation to Beekeeper


Josh the Beekeeper
Humane Honey Bee Removal
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