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If you are in immediate danger and have a bat flying around your home or office right now please call our 24/7 emergency bat phone



Common Bats found In Westchester County and Surrounding areas are The Big Brown Bat, The Little Brown Bat, Silver-Haired Bat, Red Bat and Hoary Bat.


Why We Love 'Em:

  • They are totally cool and creepy especially around Halloween.

  • They are the only mammal which can fly.

  • They find their prey in the dark using echolocation. Emitting ultrasonic sounds to create echoes. Their brain compares outgoing pulse with returning echoes to produce detailed images of its surroundings. Kind of like Radar! Way Cool…

  • They consume tons of insects and are a natural pest control solution.

  • Some of them even pollinate flowers!


Issues We Have With Them:

  • A small percentage can carry rabies and harbor other zoonotic diseases.

  • They can come down the chimney and get in our homes while were sleeping.

  • An accumulation of feces in an attic can cause airborne diseases.

  • Accumulation of feces and urine can also stain the siding on your home.

  • They may choose to roost above your front door or by the pool and leave droppings in undesired areas around your home.


If you think you have bats in or on your house please call to set up an inspection today and let us help you find the remedy for your specific bat situation.



  • Attic Inspection

  • Exclusion Services

  • Preventative Home Sealing

  • Bat Guano Clean Up and Insulation Replacement

  • Chimney Screens and Caps

  • 24/7 Emergency Bat Removal Service

  • Bat Removal Service With Rabies Testing Lab Drop Off

  • Bat House Installation

Rare Silver Haired Bat
Bat Hanging On A Vent
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