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Raccoon Removal Services
Roof Damage Caused By Raccoons
Raccoon Paw Prints On A Rooftop

If you are in immediate danger and have a rabid Raccoon or a Raccoon in your home or office please call our 24/7 emergency Raccoon removal phone number right away!



Raccoons are the most common wildlife in the New York area. Raccoons are nocturnal. Their black mask marking is a distinctive characteristic. Raccoons can vary in weight. Most weighing from 8-20 pounds. Some male raccoons can weigh up to 50 plus pounds. The heaviest recorded coming in at just over 62 pounds. Raccoons are considered to be one of the world's most omnivorous animals. They can eat a very wide range of things from berries and nuts to fish and amphibians. They will even eat small to medium sized rodents and mammals. Contrary to popular belief Raccoons do not actually hibernate but can sometimes become inactive during the coldest winter months when they rely on their fat stores for survival. A group of Raccoons is called a Gaze. Seeing a Raccoon active during the day may be a sign the animal is infected with rabies, however certain times of the year it is not uncommon to see a mother raccoon foraging for food for her young during the day. If a raccoon is seen walking in circles, foaming at the mouth or acting strangely during the day call an expert right away to have it removed.


Why We Love ‘Em:

  • Raccoons are very cute and intelligent creatures.

  • Because of their mischievous activities, they have been nicknamed the masked bandit!

  • They are extremely strong and studies have shown that they can remember solutions to tasks for up to 3 years.

  • They can identify objects even before touching them with Vibrissae, which are small hairs similar to whiskers in their paws.


Issues We Have With Them:

  • Because of their extremely strong and adept paws, raccoons can open a trashcan and raid your garbage.

  • Some of them carry rabies.

  • They can also get into our homes, especially into our attics, and ruin insulation with their feces and urine.


If you have any water damaged fascia boards or areas near the gutter or eaves of your home, a Raccoon can easily break and enter into your attic. They may also reside in hollows of trees in your yard and even take up residency beneath your deck. It is not uncommon for a mother raccoon to make a nest and have her kits in the chimney area of a home as well.



  • Attic Inspection

  • Exclusion Services

  • Preventative Home Sealing

  • Deck/Porch Screening

  • Chimney Screens and Caps

  • Raccoon Clean Up and Odor Control

  • 24/7 Emergency Raccoon Removal Service

  • Raccoon Trapping Removal Service

  • Mother Raccoon with Babies Removal From Fireplace

  • Install Bungee Cords On Trash Cans Or Get An Outdoor Trash Can Holder Shed




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